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Video Analytics Service

Scenwise has developed a Video Analytics Service (VAS).

The traffic engineers can leverage the VAS to generate actionable data about traffic activity in public areas and roads. The use-cases that the clients of Scenwise are expected to use the VAS for include:

  • Detecting overcrowding in public spaces or event locations;
  • Determining the amount of free parking spaces in a parking lot;
  • Counting the number of cars entering and leaving a parking lot;
  • Counting the number of cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians at an intersection;
  • Counting the number of trucks to support truck permits and truck charging for different cities;
  • Determining the number of cars, the speeds of vehicles and their traces on a road;

Crowd counting

We apply AI and  Convolution Neural Network (CNN) to determine the crowdedness at a given event location. The pictures underneath shows the results at the Damplein of Amsterdam.


Parking occupancy

We applied Object Detection to determine the occupancy of the parking area. Underneath is the result of the parking area at the Zandvoort beach.


Vehicle counting

The VAS also support vehicle counting and speed estimation. The user can define a geofence on a view, then the VAS can counts the number of vehicles entering and leaving the goefence. He can also request configure VAS so that the speed can be estimated. The outcome of the vehicle counting and speed estimation can be used to generate triggers for any consumer applications like SmartCity.

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