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Scenwise has carried out different projects for Rijkswaterstaat to show the potential of using traffic data to detect accidents and to speed up the incident management process. In 2019, we conducted different pilots for Rijkswaterstaat using loop data to detect accidents. This showed the potential of the algorithm. In 2021-2022, we conducted operational trial to demonstrate real-time validation of the Waze alerts. In more than 90% of the cases, our algorithm can correctly validate the waze alerts. This is valuable for speeding up the incident management process.

An intelligent road which automatically warns the traffic manager and emergency services whenever an accident takes place ...

In 2023, in a follow-up project funded by the Eureka, Scenwise, Bureau Onderweg, ViNotion and Transnomis join force to develop an advance accident detection algorithm SRAIR (SmartRoads Automatic Incident Recognition). SRAIR combines a large variety of data sources including loops data, Floating Car Data (FCD), Waze alerts, NDW alerts, and video analytics data to achieve real-time accident detection on arterial/provincial roads.

Province of Noord-Brabant is highly interested in the potential of SmartRoads. An operational trial on the N279 was successfully completed from September to December 2023. The consortium will conduct a second pilot in 2024.

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