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The following video gives an impression about the Connected Transport Corridors program at the Province of South Holland

Connected Transport Corridors for more efficient, safer and more sustainable transport in the Netherlands

Scenwise played an important role within the Connected Transport Corridors (CTC) programme of the Province of South Holland. We worked closely with the project team and the experts of the province different to implement 33 intelligent Traffic Light Systems (iVRI) on 7 transport corridors. Through the CTC programme, Province South Holland becomes the front-runner in the rollout of the next generation traffic light systems. Both the province and the logistics sector benefit from the different use-cases which are implemented within CTC.

To support this project, we developed an effective test method using a test-vehicle equipped with dashcam and different Talking Traffic apps.

In addition, Scenwise was responsible for the project management of different research projects to evaluate the effect of truck priorities on

  1. fuel consumption and emissions
  2. traffic flow
  3. travel time, number of stops

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