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I ndoor positioning (IPS) system enable you to locate the position of objects and people within buildings. However, GPS is not available in interior spaces, because there is no visual contact with the GPS satellities. Furthermore, with GPS, it is not possible to determine the floor level a device is located on. That is why an IPS has to rely on other localisation methods.

The field of indoor positioning and indoor navigation has been undergoing sustainable changes and experiencing exciting new developments during the recent years.

Scenwise recognises the potentials of indoor navigation to extend the services which our SmartCity platform can offer. That’s why we started a project to explore the possibility of indoor navigation. We successful finished a proof-of-concept. We also include augmented reality in our proof-of-concept. We intend to continue with this development in the following period.

We’ll collaborate with a partner in this development. More information will be provided later .

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