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Zero road fatalities

The EU has pledged to achieve zero road fatalities by 2050. “Vision Zero” is the EU strategy for reaching this reduction over the coming decades. This includes setting out key performance indicators relating to the main road safety challenges to be tackled, namely:

  1. Safe infrastructure;
  2. Safe vehicles;
  3. Safe road use, including restricting on speeding, smartphone usage, alcohol distraction and the mandatory usage of protective equipment (e.g. helmet)
  4. Fast and effective post-crash care.

Enhanced Urban Road Safety (EURoS)

According to European research, bikers account for 1% of the road traffic, but 25% of all the fatalities. Pedestrians account for another 21% of all fatalities.

Different vendors develop the Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS) to protect individual riders. However, the collective benefits to the other road users are still limited.

Therefore, Scenwise, Bureau Onderweg, City Hub, Felyx and our international partners join forces to develop an Enhanced Urban Road Safety platform (EURoS).

When using the Enhanced Urban Road Safety (EURoS) platform, cities and municipalities gain the following advantages:

  • Early detection of geocoded danger hotspots
  • Understand the characteristics of conflicting situations and the causes
  • Danger hotspots can be prioritized according to the risk level
  • Take short & long term measures to improve the road safety

Scale up the life-saving impact to all road users

Scenwise and Bureau Onderweg are the key partners for integrating the features needed by platform users with the data received by the ARAS sensors. With the ARAS alerts and resulting dashboard of information, cities can take short-term, medium-term and long-term measures to improve urban road safety. The collective measures taken by the cities will improve the safety of all road user groups.

Each consortium member contributes a different aspect of the combined project solution for individual and aggregate safety. The ultimate goal of this project to scale up the life-saving impact to all road users.

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