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Within the Concorda project, automobile manufacturers, major telecom providers and major suppliers work together with road authorities, governments and knowledge institutions to gain joint insight into the practical organizational and technical challenges associated with the complexity of connected, cooperative and autonomous vehicles (CCAD). The project partners investigate the opportunities and limitations associated with the various communication technologies that are used. In total, five European countries (Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands) participated in this project.

3 test sites have been realized in the Amsterdam area.

Scenwise was requested to conduct traffic data analysis and to design and specify the different test scenario’s. We also provide our SmartRoads system to monitor and predict the traffic situations. With SmartRoads, we can also track the test vehicles during the road tests.

As shown in the following figure, the SmartRoads system is capable of early detection of an accident on the N205 and predicted the traffic jam on the A9R. As a part of the road-test, we guided the test vehicles to the location of the traffic jam in order to test and validate the correct functioning of the Concorda system for providing real-time in-car traffic measures.

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