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CHARM is an innovative programme that will help Rijkwaterstaat to shape traffic management in the future. The Dynac ATMS (Advance Traffic Management System) is a new ICT platform which will be used by the traffic managers in the traffic management centers and by the road inspectors on the roads.

The Dynac ATMS platform offers:

  • Better support for traffic management and the possibility to work more efficiently.
  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Reduction in management and maintenance costs.

Scenwise is a long-term partner of the CHARM project. We supported Kapsch TrafficCom in the implementation of Dynac at Rijkswaterstaat. We introduced the IWAP (IncidentWegvakAdviesPunt) -concept which is widely adopted by Rijkswaterstaat (RWS). With IWAPs, Dynac can dynamically generate response plans which dramatically reduce the effort to configure a large amount of scenarios as static plans. We completed different concept designs and the Signalling Rule framework for the mission critical MTM2 (Motorway Traffic Management) system. The concept design and the Signalling Rule framework are accepted by RWS.

Currently, we are actively supporting CHARM IWB team of RWS to implement Dynac ATMS at the traffic management centers.

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