Traffic incidents lead to a variety of problems such as fatalities, traffic jams, increased CO2 emissions. Many road authorities are desperately search for solution to enhance their Incident management (IM) process. To this end, Scenwise and Bureau Onderweg have developed the SmartRoads platform to help road authorities speeding up their IM process. Sponsored by the Dutch Highway Agency (Rijkswaterstaat) we successfully conducted different operational trials and demonstrated the potential of SmartRoads applied on the highways.

In a follow-up project funded by the European Union (Horizon Europe), Scenwise, Bureau Onderweg, ViNotion and Transnomis join force to develop an advance data-driven accident detection algorithm SRAIR (SmartRoads Automatic Incident Recognition). SRAIR combines a large variety of data sources including loops data, Floating Car Data (FCD), Bluetooth, community data and video analytics data to achieve real-time accident detection on arterial/provincial roads.

We are proud to announce that Smartwayz.NL and the City of Toronto are highly interested in SRAIR, In the following period, the consortium will have intensive collaboration with SmartWayZ and Toronto to conduct operational trials with SmartRoads.