Scenwise specializes in providing Big Data solutions within the domain of urban mobility, crowd management and event management. Scenwise is a key-partner of the CROMAS consortium. Within CROMAS, we developed the multimodal dashboard which plays the primary role of the value-chain solution for influencing visitor flows. The multimodal dashboard combines different data sources (road traffic, public transport, parking, pedestrian and shared mobility) to generate a real-time Common Operational Picture (COP) to all stakeholders (mobility manager, security officers, police, ambulance, etc.) It also includes a prediction model and uses the predicted congestion as a data source. As a result, coherent measures can be taken which altogether improve the accessibility, livability and crowd safety of the cities and the event locations.

The COP was successfully demonstrated during the practical trials for the Zandvoort beach and the Amsterdam shopping area, while supporting crowd management measures during the COVID period. For the Flevoland Smart Mobility Competition, we further improved our CMS solution and conducted successful pilots for the theme park Walibi Holland and the Batavia Stad shopping area.