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Your dreams of future mobility is our mission today.

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Your dreams of future mobility is our mission today.

Scenwise is an innovative company working on progressive solutions at the intersection of traffic engineering, data science and ICT developments.

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Smart Mobility Innovations

Scenwise provides Smart Mobility solutions for traffic management, including incident and crowd management, and customized solutions for clients like IWAP and data-fusion algorithms.

Crowd Management Service

Scenwise is a key-partner of CROMAS consortium, providing Big Data solutions for urban mobility, event and crowd management by combining multiple data sources into a multimodal dashboard for stakeholders to improve accessibility, liveability and crowd safety in cities.


Scenwise provides consultancy on traffic management and data science, and has implemented innovative projects like IWAP for RWS, iVRI implementation and testing for CTC programme of the Province of South Holland, and NDW Data Science Society partnership.

Over Scenwise

Scenwise specialises in providing Big Data solutions within the domains of Smart Mobility and Crowd Management

Our mission is: Organise all available information within the mobility domain and make it uniform, accessible and useful.

With this ambitious and inspiring goal, we help our customers develop high-quality applications and services.

We do this on behalf of our clients, through secondment or through our own software development processes.

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